Acts Of Kindness Why Isn’t The World This Way?

Acts of KindnessMan was I tired.  I was visiting Las Vegas on business and after long delays which were happening to everyone.  The weather was a major culprit.  I saw some acts of kindness that were truly eye opening which really made me think.

First off there was a guy waiting in the boarding area in an Army uniform.  Unfortunately, for a lot of military members the rule is that you can’t fly in your uniform.   That makes all the military not able to benefit from this.  By the way here is the best way to identify Marines.   Short hair on the side no more than 3″ on the top and they wear their watch upside down.  You may see a doctor do the same, face is on the bottom of their wrist.  I digress, but it makes it hard to perform acts of kindness for military except army.

First Act of Kindness

I had a first class ticket thanks to my status with American Airlines.  So I was boarding 2nd behind a lady and the guy in the military uniform.  The lady told the desk clerk she was trading seats with the Army guy.  I didn’t think much about what happened next.  I heard the clerk say, “That’s very nice you can go ahead and board too.”  That’s when I realized the act of kindness.  The lady gave up her seat in first class to the army gentleman.  On the plane he sat down behind me while I watched her walk all the way to the back.

I thought wow, giving up either an upgrade or a paid first class seat, and sitting in the back. This done all for this gentleman who was serving our country.  We wouldn’t even have upgrades or airlines if it wasn’t for the service of our military.

Second Act of Kindness

I sat down and then yet another thing happens. In the bulkhead row this guy is sitting against the window as another man boarded.  The newly boarded passenger asked the guy in the window seat, “Would you be willing to trade me seats so I can sit next to my wife?”  Without even pausing to think, the gentleman said “Absolutely.”  The guy said you still get the window in the bulkhead just on the other side.  The gentleman giving up his seat said, “Fine, why would I do anything else?”  This was loud enough for the whole first class cabin to hear.

I wish everyone saw both of those two events transpire.  Like the guy said “Why would I do anything else?”  I said out loud imagine if the world was like that. My thought was that the army guy would be out of a job if we all were that kind.

With the turmoil with the election results.  Some people also being overly generous because of the holiday season. It left me to reflect on the flight how much I wished that we were more like that.  How inspiring it was for me to see those two acts of kindness in just a few minutes. No judgement, no pause these two people were very generous. I didn’t just impact the two people that I saw get a benefit. On person’s act of kindness impacted all who saw it.  It makes me think about how much more kind I personally need to be.

Why We Should Do This

Giving feels good, and it shouldn’t just be the weekend before Christmas when we are in this spirit.  I was listening to a lecture one time, and I forget who was giving it.  I feel like it might have been Tony Robbins, but I am not sure.  They talked about their child getting a bunch of balloons from someone.  The lecturer told their child they could not keep the balloons.  The child was required to take the balloons to an assisted living facility.  At the facility they would give them each to residents there.

The child was upset for the whole drive to the facility.  Once there, the child handed a balloon to if I am remembering correctly 5 different people.  Afterwards the child raved to the lecturer about how fantastic of a feeling it was to give them away.  Giving those balloons away gave the child a feeling they will never forget.  It gave them much more lasting pleasure than holding on to 5 balloons would have given.  Imagine what it did to people that received the balloons.

See when we get something and we think we feel good.  We have the opportunity to make us, one other person, and everyone around feel good.  Furthermore, if others observe you they also share in the joy.  If the world was full of acts of kindness then it would be a peaceful loving, judgement free place.



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