Ashton Kutcher’s Email Hack

Ashton Kutcher’s Email Hack

To be quite frank right out the gate Ashton Kutcher’s email hack is nothing new.  I have heard this from all sorts of productivity experts.  It is very simple.  Instead of checking your email first thing in the morning you should pick your most important tasks (some call MITs).  Honestly, I think you should do three things.  Write down between 3-10 short to mid-term goals.  Write down at least 3 things you are grateful for.  Then write down 3 things you must accomplish today.

How to Implement the Email Hack

Implementing is pretty simple.  First, you have to close your email program the night before.  You might think I am crazy.  I guarantee if you open your computer and your email program is open that is where you are going first.  Always shut it down then it’s not the first thing you see.

Isn’t This Just a Rehashed Productivity Secret

It is, quite honestly.  Most productivity “gurus” will tell you starting your day with email destroys your productivity.  Most will tell you that it is a reactive strategy.  Furthermore, that you will spend your day reacting.

I like Ashton Kutcher’s email hack because he phrased that a bit different.  Look, we all know email is a distraction.  Some of us should think of it as everyone’s to do list for us.  But Ashton said it another way.  After he writes down his MITs for the day he does something different.  He sends out his outgoing.  What he wants people to do for him.  Think about it that way.  He sends an email to people and gets in their inbox.  Literally, putting his to-do list in other peoples hands.  All before reacting to everyone else’s to-do list for him.

This is a way I have never thought of it before and I love it!  Now you might not have a team like Ashton.  However, if you need people to do things for you.  Putting it at the top of their inbox tomorrow morning is a great idea.  Because, unlike you and I, who know not to start our day with email.  Others spend their whole day in their inbox.

What Else Can I do To Take Email To The Next Level

Lastly, you can always get to inbox zero with  If you don’t have this service you must check it out.  Basically, you can set a reminder for an email for when you want to work on it.  Then just delete it from your inbox.  When it is time for you to worry about that email it will come back in your inbox.  It is a true way to get to inbox zero and I have been a subscriber for years!



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