Awareness and Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Why Eliminate Negative Thoughts

Most people have a series of negative thoughts.  Some a few, some hundreds a day.  Your mind is constantly at work.  You need to find a way to eliminate negative thoughts.  So the more negative thoughts you can eliminate the more positive of a person you will be.  Tony Robbins defines emotion as being created by motion.  So how do we get out of a funk into motion?  Is there a way to move from a negative state to a positive state and get things done?

Why Negative Thoughts are so Debilitating

Negative thoughts can begin to rule our reality.  The fact is you project your own reality because of your thoughts.  Everyone’s reality is different and it’s because of our thoughts.  Negative thoughts inflict a negative perception of reality.  Things like it won’t go right.  I cannot do this.  A little thought tranlsates then becomes I am not capable of doing this.  Negative thoughts are projected onto our reality, but aren’t reality.

When you have negative thoughts it shapes your reality.  The opportunities that drop in front of you are not positive.  The negative thoughts create more negativity in your life.  When don’t see the upside of things you miss out.  In conclusion, this keeps you from taking action and creating the life of your dreams.  This stops you from getting to your vision.

The Negative Thought To Positive Thought Ratio

For each negative thought you must offset it with 3 positive ones.  This overcomes the negative reality and the positive reality will set in.  Soon opportunities fall into your lap.  You have the confidence to take the risks to achieve what you want.  About 90% of our negative thoughts do not come true.  Yet, many of us live a lesser life because of negative thoughts.

The Key To Eliminating Negative Thoughts

The way to eliminate negative thoughts is to start with awareness.  How many of us operate on a daily basis where we are on autopilot?  Soon enough have to break that cycle, stop just going through the motions and be fully aware.  Are you working towards your vision or are you just getting through life?  The only way to really know this is to be aware.  When you are on autopilot you probably don’t even know.  We just do the same thing every day and never become aware of what we are doing.

What are the Recommended Steps To Eliminating Negative Thoughts

The best way to get rid of negative thoughts is to first observe them.  To do this you have to be aware.  Ideally, you write down one day every negative thought you have.  Take a minute after doing so and then review it in awareness.  External to reality.  If this happened what is the worst outcome?  Is this even true?  Do I know with certainty that this will happen?   Is this just a belief I have from having the same negative thought that has then become a belief.  Negative thoughts project onto now or the future will kill potential.

Take a day and log every negative thought you have as you have it.  If you can’t do it as you have it because you are on autopilot.  Take five minutes hourly and reflect on the past hour.  Then think what negative thoughts did you have?  Keep a log of those for a day.

The next day do the opposite.  Dismiss those negative thoughts.  Literally, talk to yourself and just tell them to go away.  Write down all the positive thoughts you have.  Remember the 3:1 ratio of positive:negative thoughts.  On the next day did you have 3 times as many positive thoughts?  Once you get that ratio to 3:1 or even better five to seven to one negative thought that is where success is achieved.

To conclude, keep track of negative thoughts.  View them as an outsider.  Be aware.  Then be aware and look at your positive thoughts.  Start to get to a ratio of 3 positive thoughts for every negative thought.  Quit bringing emotion into thoughts.  A person’s next action is to then learn to set micro goals towards the positive and learn to get things done.



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