Best Breakfast and Lunch for Weight Loss


best breakfast and lunch for weight lossA few years ago I just got straight up fat.  I was disgusted with myself.  Everything about my body disappointed me.  I was following all kinds of things trying to figure out how to lose weight.   One of my biggest problems was I liked to eat and I liked beer.  I needed the best breakfast and lunch for weight loss.

How could one eat the right meals, lose weight and keep it off?  That was the question of the day.  I followed people like Dave Asprey and Tim Ferris.  Basically all of these biohackers.  Though I learned a lot, but only some of it could I apply.  Through my trials, I couldn’t stick to a very regimented diet.  Travel is part of my life for work and sometimes just don’t have the option to select what I eat.

This guy finally found the best breakfast and lunch for weight loss.  It followed a principle I learned from Tim Ferris and that was to keep it simple.  Most people have very little variety in their diet, much less than they think.  His point was eat the same thing every day, if you can.  So that’s exactly what I did.

Another thing I learned was that fiber keeps you very full and is very good for your body since you can’t digest it.  So I went out seeking a product that was high in fiber.  You also need a ton of protein.  Most recommend about 1g per pound of lean body mass.  So now to find something that was easy to prepare as I hate to prep.  I also needed a product high in fiber and protein.

As you can see from the photo I found that product.  I was able to take off a substantial amount of weight consistently.  I’m about to tell you what I used and how I did it.

First things first

First off, what gets measured gets managed.  I say ignore that crap about weight yourself every day being bad.  That’s your scorecard.  Yes it fluctuates, you might go down one day and up a pound or two the next but over time you will see that weight fall off.

The Best Breakfast and Lunch for Weight Loss

The second thing was the meal.  I found the perfect product.  It is called Raw Meal and it is made by Garden of Life.  I recommend the Chocolate because it doesn’t thicken fast.  The vanilla turns to like a wet cardboard pudding almost instantly.

weight loss shakeI make a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch every day.  That means same breakfast and lunch every day but it sheds the pounds, gets rid of snacking.  You’ll need 2 containers a month which runs about $60, but it is worth every penny.  I carry it in small Tupperware containers and mix it in a shaker with a blender bottle.

It literally melts weight off and it isn’t horrible to drink.  At first it will be a little tough.  I usually just chug down the shake.  The fiber will mess with your digestive system for a little while, but once you are used to the fiber intake it goes completely unnoticeable.   The results however speak for themselves.

If you want the perfect breakfast and lunch for weight loss then you must get Garden of Life Raw Meal and drink 2 shakes a day.  I have reminders set on about every phone and application I can to make sure I stick to it and when I stick to it I see these results.  This product is the best breakfast and lunch for weight loss.



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