How To Drink More Water

how to drink more waterReasons To Drink More Water

There really isn’t a set amount of water that a person should take in a day.  Everyone probably could use a tip on how to drink more water.  The general rule is to take in 8 glasses that are 8 oz each for a total of 64 ounces.  I don’t necessarily buy that it is the golden rule.  I have a pretty easy way to take in 64 ounces of water per day.

You will find several benefits yourself just by being hydrated all the time.  Everything from your skin to your bodily functions seem to work better.  In my own experience as well, I don’t feel like I lose as much weight when I don’t drink 64 ounces of water.  Before this trick I always wondered how to drink more water.

I have read that if you don’t drink enough water your liver is hydrating your body instead of burning fat.  I find that believable.  Remember I am not a doctor, just a guy trying to live life to the fullest.

If that is the case then I want to be sure I am taking in enough water that my liver can spend all day burning fat.  I don’t want any fat on my body (though 12% or so is healthy).  Now I am no where near that 12% marker.  I am better today than I have been in the past, however I am not at 12 percent.  My long term goal is to be at 12 percent body fat.  Women probably want to be a bit higher than that.

Here Is How To Do It

Regardless of what you believe here is how to drink more water.  I bought a 64 oz container like the one pictured on this post.  Every 8 oz. I marked a time from 8 am to 5 pm skipping the lunch hour.  Now each time I look at my bottle I know right where I should be.   I am writing this at 6:11 PM and the water level in my bottle is 11 A.M. which means I am way behind!  Take a piece of my own advice on how to drink more water!

I have also learned that if I take 5 big gulps where the water fills my mouth then I get about an hours worth of water in what I would call one drink.  I love tricks like this, and you will see more of them like in my post on the frequent task timelist.   The timelist is one of my greatest tools against procrastination.

At any rate, take a bottle (preferably one like mine that is marked off in 8 oz increments) and add an hour to each 8 oz.  If you can’t find a bottle like this you have an option.  Simply measure 8 oz at a time into a 64 oz jug and mark a line each time you add 8 oz.  Then label first line 9 second line 10, third line 11, fourth line 12, fifth line 2 (which is now PM), sixth line 3, seventh line 4 and 8th line 5 (this should be bottom of container.)  Now when you fill it up you know exactly how much to drink.



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