How To Wake Up Early

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

It has been said many times the early bird gets the worm.  There have been several studies done that say people who are early risers are more successful.  Many of us, however, have a hard time being an early riser.  I personally hate waking up early.  Once upon a time I really couldn’t wake up until I had to.

The First Step To Wake Up Early

Having a vision for your life is a good way to start.  If you know where you want to go you then have a reason to get up.  It is very hard to get up to do the same thing daily.  If you have a vision board then you are on your way.  You always need to have a reason to wake up early.  One other tip is to wake up to do something simple.  A lot of times we dread what we have to do once awake.

I can share a story related to this.  There was a guy who wanted to wake up early to work out.  The problem is escaping the warm covers to punish yourself in the gym.  So this person made it simple.  He woke up and drove to the gym.  That was the goal.  He did not wake up to go get a work out in.  He simply made it task one to drive to the gym.  That task evolved to doing something since he was there.  Once he built the habit of driving to the gym he could build a new one of doing something.  That evolved into a complete workout.  It became easy for this person to then get out of bed to work out.

How Much Sleep Do You Need

Your body will tell you this.  Most people get too much sleep.  There is no hard an fast rule.  Some say 8 hours, some say 6, others say 4.  I say whatever makes you get through the day.  Again, if you have a vision and things to do it is much easier to have a long day on little sleep.  If not, you tire easily.  If you wake up motivated and determined to make progress you don’t need as much sleep.  Sleeping too much actually can make you more tired.  Start trimming off the amount of sleep you get.  Do this by cutting 15 minutes off your sleep time until you just can’t make it through a day.

What Is The Key To Wake Up Early

The hardest part is this key.  You need to do it every day.  If you want to rise at 6 am every day then weekends can’t be an exception.  Sleeping in on the weekends will kill your habit.  You need to decide that you are going to get up at a set time every day and do it.  That is how successful people do it.  Consequently, they wake up and work on their vision every day.  It’s a seven day a week process.

What Are The Benefits To Waking Up Early

The main benefit is that your most limited resource is time.  If you waste that limited resource of time sleeping what can you accomplish?  You must commit to working on your life daily.  The only way you can get more time is to waste less of it.  Therefore, sleeping only what you need is the best way to do that.  There are also many stories of successful people rising early.  Many successful people have completed hard tasks before a lot of us are out of bed.   In conclusion, this should be you, the one that is out of bed completing things.



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