It All Starts With a Vision

Where Do You Want Your Life To Go?

Sometimes people find themselves waking up to a simple life.  A life that they feel has no direction.  A life that is just going through the motions.  That is not where anybody wants to be.  A routine, living on autopilot or just doing what you need to do to get by results in frustration.  This is where people who find themselves depressed are.

You Must Have A Vision

You have to have a vision for where you want your life to be.  The vision can be anything.  You don’t have to know at this point how you are going to get there.  The purpose of the vision is to simply guide you to where you want to go.  If your vision is too easy you won’t be motivated.  If you view your vision as too complex, then you won’t reach your potential.  You should be able to achieve anything you dream of.  It all starts with this vision.

How To Make Your Vision a Reality

The first key to making your vision a reality is just having it.  Create a list at minimum or a vision board.  Make sure you review this daily.  You want to remind yourself of where you want to go frequently.  If you don’t do this then you lose your sense of direction.  When you lose that, you fall into the routine.  Your vision is your destination on your map.  You don’t need to know the route, only that destination.  You don’t need to know the timeline, again only the destination.

Is the Law Of Attraction Real

Do I believe that if you just think positive and envision what you want it will come into reality?  No.  I do believe, however, if you have a vision you will take actions towards getting to it.  You will naturally do this, and this is why I think the law of attraction is real to an extent.  There is not a way you can just think about stuff enough it manifests itself in your life.  I do think if you envision where you want to be, the destination, then you will naturally do the things that can get you closer to that destination.

The universe puts things in front of us a the time they are needed when we have this vision.  Without such a vision, however, we are unable to recognize these things.  We pass them over.  Dismiss them without realizing they were our way to the destination.  That’s why knowing where you are going is so important.  If something arises that will help you get there you spot it.

In conclusion, start now with your vision.  What is it you want to create in life.  In future articles we will get into motivating yourself into reaching that destination.  You aren’t going to go very far in the right direction without at least knowing where you want to go.  You also will never pick up on the things the universe has put in place for you if you don’t know your destination.



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