Law Of Attraction Positive Thoughts Help me Sleep

law of attractionMy Sleeping Trouble Story

Wanted to start off by sharing a bit of a story about my troubles sleeping and how using the law of attraction helps me.  I have a heck of a time getting to sleep some nights.  Sometimes it is staying asleep.  A key to it is anxiety.  I dislike anxiety because your constantly thinking about the future and the worries you have for it.  At any rate over the past few weeks I have changed my thoughts to better get myself to sleep all the time.

The Law Of Attraction

I want to tie in with the above story that until you can have positive thoughts you truly believe then you will not attract positive things in your life.  This is sort of how the rich get richer they start to believe it is possible they will make money with investments and things like that so the richer they get the more they attract in their life.  Every person you have envy or even jealousy for is using this law of attraction better than you.  So you have to figure out how to reverse it and begin to use the law of attraction in your favor.

Eliminating Negative and even Sexual Thoughts

In my earlier article I talked about how to eliminate and become aware of your negative thoughts.  I also found that one thing that would relax me to sleep (sometimes) were thoughts of sexual fantasy.  Sometimes though this would leave me more flustered.  I was reading one day, and it talked about doing your visualization for law of attraction right before bed because your mind is in the right space.  Not only have I started doing this but I literally have noticed changes in my life.  I also am much more optimistic now about my future.

Building a Better Life

Pick out 5 things you want to attract into your life.  Get very visual and emotional with them.  For instance one of my visualizations is this large brick home with a grand entry way and some steps with nice hardwood floors.  I picture that house every night.  It’s a bit fuzzy I can’t get too specific.  I also have about 4 other things I want.  From that I am literally going to sleep picturing those things, knowing that in due time I will manifest them.  Now I easily fall asleep an if I wake up can easily put myself back to sleep manifesting those items.

The Long Term Outcome

The outcome is absolutely simple.  The law of attraction will bring you what you visualize and believe you will get.  It will put the things in front of you that you need to get there.  If you want to hear my success on law of attraction you need to read my simple law of attraction success post.



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