Law of Attraction Success Story

law of attractions success storyHow I Felt

I was driving home the other day and wanted proof that the law of attraction worked.  I felt really good.  This is a point where you feel real relaxed.  I mean I was driving so not asleep relaxed, but just relaxed enough that I knew I could make something from nothing by using the law of attraction.

Where I Was

I was rounding the corner from the grocery store.  This means I only had a few blocks.  I’m telling you I believe in the law of attraction but today I was looking for some real proof.  I had seen some things on Reddit about people actually manifesting things relatively quickly.  I wanted that same proof that it worked for me.

What I Did To Manifest

Given my desires I literally just took a deep breath.  Remember I only had blocks before I was home.  10 minute drive tops.  I said in my mind that if the law of attraction was real I would see a purple flower.  I take that road all the time but I hadn’t paid attention to flowers.  Didn’t know if there were purple flowers on it or not.

Initial Results

Of course, now that I have tried to manifest this I am checking out everyone’s flowers.  About 2 houses before I turn onto my street there is purple flowers growing in the front yard.  Ok I have my proof.  Right as I was turning a few more purple flowers.  So I am telling myself see this stuff is real you saw 2 sets of purple flowers.

My Law of Attraction OMG Moment

Now this is the fun part.  I get home, park the car and bring in the groceries.  I go about my get home routine.  Unpack what I bought for dinner, start cooking all those other things.  Completely forgot about my law of attraction manifestation.  I was going through the mail that someone had brought in.  Got to the bottom of the stack.  Lifted the last letter and I’ll be damned if there wasn’t a purple flower under that envelope.  I about fell over.  I completely forgot about that thought.  There it was though, a purple flower inside my house under some mail someone sat on top of it.

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