Quickly Finding Your Why

You Must Have a Why

Doing anything in life required discipline and motivation.   Most of the time we tell ourselves we want something.  I want a new car, for instance.  The problem here is I may want it but just wanting isn’t enough.  So you have to have some purpose that is bigger.  Finding your why is the most important part of a better life, it is that purpose.

When You Can’t Find your Why

I struggled for years saying I want to make more money.  More years thinking I want to work for myself.  Even more years thinking I want a nice car.  All these dreams and no reason to take action.  Until one day, that why hit me.  To be honest my why was so simple.

How It Feels to Find Your Why

It’s completely irritating to not find your why.  I went to this multi-level marketing seminar one time.  During that seminar, they were talking about finding your why.  Maybe you want to provide a better life for your kids.  You want to go on vacation.  What I found was these seminars try to be so positive that some peoples why isn’t that way.

Personally that positive hurts you sometimes.  When you are brainstorming your why it might not hurt to not be in a positive mood.  My why came to me in the form of I am sick of this.  My house was old, my car was old all this stuff was old.  I wanted new.  My why was simply I am sick of having old and no money for new.  I’m sick of replacing things and that getting in my way of getting new.   I just want new.  So everything I do now is why do I do this?  Simple, I am sick of old.

What To Do When You Find Your Why

This is the easiest part.  In my case I am sick of old.  Everything I do is because I am sick of old.  When I wake up I am going to do everything in my day that gets rid of old.  I am sick of old cars, houses, decks, furniture, jobs, etc.  When I start to make my to-do list I am thinking is this action helping me get rid of old.  Mind you my to-do list is not replacing a bunch of old.  I’m not car shopping.  What I am doing is taking massive action.  That action leads me to a place where I can eliminate old.

Bottom line don’t get frustrated if you can’t find your why.  You do need one because you will never be motivated to do anything.  Just remember a lot of self-improvement is generally all about positivity.  Sometimes your why is negative.  Sometimes it is I am sick of being at the bottom.  It can be I am sick of being shit on.  It can be I am sick of old.  It’s ok to have a negative why that then causes you to take positive action.  I am sick of old.  So now it’s time to take action to bring the new into my life!

Would love to hear your why or your struggles with why in the comments!



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