Simple Habit: Stop Neglecting the Neglected

One Simple Habit

This is the time of year where everyone is trying some large change in their life.  It could be losing 10 lbs, getting organized, making money, saving money, etc.  We all try to find something to make our lives better.  When we actually follow through big things happen.  Our lives truly do get better.  Quite frankly, they can get better exponentially.  That is if you build one simple habit on another.

Albert Einstein said compound interest is the greatest force in the world.  Did you know that habits compound also?  For example, same simple habit repeated leads to bigger habits from momentum.  To find a simple habit ask yourself what are you neglecting today that would easily give you momentum.

Examples of Neglecting the Neglected

I can give all sorts of examples from my life.  I have several simple things I neglect all the time that if I just stopped neglecting would help.  You have to take action on neglect.  Want to be a better son/daughter?  Call your parents.  Want to lose weight, quit eating fast food.  When you ask yourself what is it I am NOT doing today that would increase my health or wealth, and make a list, you identify the opportunity.

You might be surprised how simple it is.  For your health it might just be cleaning the pantry of junk food.  For wealth it might be writing a blog article daily.  Realize that there are many things that you are just “walking around” that will form good habits.  Consequently, once those good habits start and you action neglect, more good habits build.  As a result your habits compound!  That’s exciting!

Tidy People

Here are some simple things “tidy people” don’t neglect:

  1. Something out of place, if they see something out of place they put it in place.
  2. Dishes, they don’t go to bed with a dirty dish in the sink, or worse go watch TV.
  3. Realize cleaning a whole house is a lot of work so they do micro cleaning everyday to prevent it.
  4. Get cleaning supplies when they run low, not when they are out.
  5. Have a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  Like with like, place for everything, everything in its place.  Simple concept neglected by most.

Fitness People

  1. Remove junk food around the house.  Too many options today for healthy snacks.
  2. These people track their calories and make sure to create a calorie deficit.
  3. Don’t follow fad diets, they eat right and realize those are all ways to put you in a calorie deficit by deceit.
  4. Prep. eat when they are hungry and do not find themselves having to run to the vending machine.

Business People

  1. Put everything on the calendar so they aren’t wondering what to do for 30 minutes
  2. Keep their email organized
  3. Start their day with their most important thing to do, not their email
  4. Get the ugly and most important task out of the way first

How To Stop Neglecting The Neglected

Well, the first step in any improvement is to identify your problem.  Do you walk around things on your floor because now isn’t the time to pick them up?  Is there a pile of papers that has been sitting somewhere because you haven’t had “time” to go through them?  What about acloset you have been avoiding that needs cleaned out?  Do you have junk food in your house?

Is there a friend you need to touch base with that might be neglected?  My friend felt like she was being a bad kid.  For instance, her new simple habit?  Get Dad on the phone every Thursday.  At 6 pm an alarm goes off on her phone to call her dad.  Taking action on the neglected right there.

The Long Term Effects of Not Neglecting the Neglected

It probably goes without saying that small habits give momentum to build large habits.  For instance, clean out junk food.  Soon you will see the number on the scale drop.  Then you count calories.  That motivates you to go to the gym.  Next thing you know you are doing a fitness blog 🙂  Point is, small changes in ones life can lead to a whole host of changes.  My biggest suggestion to you is find a simple habit that is something you need to action that you neglect.  To conclude, Keep building on that principle and your next year will be amazing.



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