Temptation Bundling

What is The Purpose of Temptation Bundling

Everybody knows willpower is finite.  It’s nearly impossible to will yourself to do something over time.  The purpose of temptation bundling is to let yourself indulge while doing something purposeful.  Think about watching a guilty pleasure TV show while you work out.  You might also listen to some music while you answer emails or study.

What is the First Step of Temptation Bundling

The first step is to make two separate lists.  The first list should be all the things that you should do.  Think about all the things you wish you had done.  The things that will have a good long-term effect.  The second list should be all those temptations.  Nobody gets a good long-term effect out of watching the latest binge series on Netflix.

How To Execute

Take the lists you made and pair them up.  So maybe while you run a mile on the treadmill you allow yourself to binge watch your favorite episodes.  If you are like me possibly you listen to some entertaining audiobook (which I never do) while you organize the closet.  What a person must do is pair temptations with should do activities.  This allows the painful, yet long-term things have more instant gratification.  That way you get done what you need to do for your vision.  It’s done in a way, however, that allows you to satisfy that need for instant results.

Some Examples of Temptation Bundling

  • Allow yourself to only listen to Podcasts while exercising.
  • Only watch your favorite TV episodes while doing household chores.
  • Eat at your favorite restaurant while meeting with someone you don’t particularly want to.

When Do You Stop Bundling

The goal here is still to build a habit.  You want to build habits that support your vision.  Habits that get you to where you want to be in life.  If you have built a habit you can start to end your bundling.  There is much debate around how long habit formation takes.  It is directly correlated to how tough that habit is for your personality to build.  So, that makes it hard to say how long you should do this.  When you see you are doing things automatically, that’s a good indicator to stop.



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