The Frequent Task Timelist

frequent task timelistAt one time I found myself constantly procrastinating.  There would be some project looming or even some simple task that I had to do that I just would put off for minutes, then hours, then days then maybe never get it done.  The worst part about it was these tasks were things I needed to do to become successful.  If you are looking at how to change your life, you are going to have to have habits that are productive.  I created the frequent task timelist for this.

What Is the Frequent Task Timelist

I had to do things on a daily basis like check email.  What I found was when my email box it 25 items I didn’t want to go through and read all those.  So I’d procrastinate.  Overcoming procrastination is incredibly hard.  There are things you can do that allow you to do it though.  That is what the frequent task timelist will do for you.

The frequent task timelist is a document that I keep in dropbox so it is accessible anywhere.  Evernote is probably another good place to store it if you make a table.  What I did was literally measured the time it took for me to complete tasks.  Here are a few examples from my frequent task timelist and the goal I was trying to accomplish.

My Frequent Task Timelist Examples

Fold Clothes and add new load to the washer – 7 Minutes –

Time Task Goal
13 minutes Fold Clothes in Dryer, switch laundry, start washer Stay ahead on my laundry, by knowing how long it would take for me to switch the laundry I could just say oh it’s just 7 minutes let’s get it done.
11 seconds Average time to process an email Keep on top of my inbox.  By being able to know per email on average I could anticipate how long it would take me to get through email. is a great tool to help with the emails you can’t process right now.
20 minutes Grocery Store Run This helps you batch tasks.  On average it takes me 20 minutes to get to, shop and get home from the grocery store up the street.  More items would add time, but 1 or 2 items still takes like 20 minutes.  So finding a balance is good.
45 Seconds 25 Kettle Bell Swings One of the great exercises recommended my Tim Ferris.  In his book the 4 hour body it says if you can only do one exercise do this one.   My goal was twice a day to do 25 swings for a total of 50 a day.  Swinging  a kettlebell is not something you look forward to.  But 45 seconds?  I mean surely I can get up for 45 seconds and do them.
15 Minutes Check for new items on self improvement site I have to keep myself improving as much as I have to keep you improving.  That means every day I need to allot time to checking for the newest stuff.  I’d put it off because there was always something more important to do.  Come to find out it only takes a measly 15 minutes!

Your Next Step

Get out your spreadsheet and start tracking how long those things actually take you to do.  It’s much easier to go do a task when you know exactly how long it will take you.



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