What Is Self Development

What is Self Development?

What is self-development?  How do people make themselves better?  Can we even make ourselves better?  The answer is absolutely.  The key is in the phrase itself the development of the self.  Do you or people you know blame outside circumstances fo where they are now?  Do you realize that you are simply a product of choices you have made in the past?  If you disagree, that is your starting point.

Think about this question for a minute.  At 50 how many pounds should you be overweight?  At 35 in America is there any reason you shouldn’t have money in the bank?  As you ponder these questions you should realize that choices made up until these agents are what lead to the answers.  If you are 10 pounds overweight at 50, I ask could you have made different choices not to be?

Here are the 5 things you have to focus on constantly to build the life you want no matter what your age.

Your Philosophy

We all have the same amount of time in a day.  All of us have the same wind at our sail.  The problem is some of us don’t even have our sail up.  You have to change your mind to change your life.  The change has to be you.  There is no way to have outside circumstances help you with self-development.

In reality, failure is just a few mistakes repeated every day.  What are those few for you?  I can tell you some of mine very easily.

  • Wasn’t taking prescription medication as prescribed.
  • Didn’t drink enough water during the day.
  • Ate whatever I wanted for the most part.
  • Didn’t do any sort of exercise at all.
  • Wouldn’t post to my blog on a regular cadence.

That is just a few things.  Don’t they sound simple?  Yet day after day I neglected to do them.  The problem with them is they are easy not to do.  Isn’t that amazing?  Conversely, they are easy to do.  I chose not to do them because they were easy not to do.

What is it in your life right now that you are neglecting today that would be easy to change your health and your wealth?

I sure don’t want people to look back on today and see me as at my prime.  Boy Kenny was good 10 years ago, you should have seen it.

Start small, pick a few simple disciplines each day.  Those disciplines will build upon each other.

Your Attitude

When asking what is self-development you must have the right attitude.  First of all, realize you control only you.  The economy might be bad.  Your family might be a pain.  Your job may not pay enough.  You really can’t control that.  One thing I heard one time was a guy say “My company doesn’t pay enough.”  Well, is there anybody else at your company that makes more than you.  “Sure.”  Then the company pays more, you just have to get the skills to get paid that.

Use your past as a school to teach you.  Vision the future as promising.  It takes all of us so everyone is a team.  Remember if one of us can do it anybody can do it.  Kenny can read so I can read.  Kenny can make money with a blog so I can make money with a blog.  The key is education.  If you aren’t where you want to be you have messed it up.  Start with education then get inspired.

Your Activites

Activities are the miracle worker in self-development.  Think of it like this, to grow a tree you only need to plant the seed and care for it.  Imagine if you had to make the tree!  Your philosophy and attitude combined with activites works miracles.  Always do what you can the very best you can.

Ponder my earlier question.  What small things are you neglecting today taht would change your health and wealth?

Put those small things into action.  A miracle worker is someone that says no problem.  They work miracles because they will get all the education they need to resolve the problem.  They will get up as early as it takes to solve the problem.

Best way to put it is if you could fish and you should fish but you don’t fish or worse you won’t fish… well that’s disaster.

Could do, should do, do that is success!  You can’t start a better life process than cleaning up what you should be doing.  Take some action on neglect, set up some disciplines and do the best you can.

Your Results

Always keep your finger on the pules.  You have to take a measure of how you are doing.  Don’t let too much time go by without checking.  Also, keep your measure to something you can control.  For instance, if you are starting a blog to make money.  Your measure probably shouldn’t be how much money you make.  Maybe later when you are making money.  Your measure should probably be something that leads to money.  How many posts are you doing per day/week/month?

Think of things like money saved, weight lost, books read, classes taken.  Let your results tell you and influence your activity, attitude and philosophy.

Think about a salesperson supposed to make 10 calls per day.  If we call him in at the end of a week and he has made 5 do we expect success?  Don’t you have things in life though you have done and expected success?  What if he made 70 calls for the week?

Results teach us to celebrate our wins and fix what is broken.  Success is completely a numbers game.  The numbers stay the same but the faces change.  Be one of the faces in the 3, 10 or 15%.

I’m usually a fan of positive affirmations, but negative works to.  Post these on your refrigerator and see if they inspire action:

  • I’m 40 and I am flat broke in America the land of opportunity
  • How many pounds overweight am I at 35

Your Lifestyle

Take you results and make it a good life.  Your financial plan should be something someone wants to go out and teach people.  Earn profits not a living.  Be a student of happiness.  Never be lazy in learning.

I once heard Jim Rohn tell a story about a guy in St. Louis.  Probably one of my favorite stories on how you can make yourself happy for the same amount of money all by changing attitude.  This guy had 2 daughters that were into rock concerts.  He never wanted them to go.  It cost money they got home late, etc.  Each time a new concert came along they had to beg and plead to go.  He’d eventually give in buying them nosebleed seats and would be angry.  One day, skimming through the newspaper he saw an advertisement for a group they loved.  He went out and bought the tickets.  As soon as the girls got home that day he gave them the tickets.  He told them what they were but not to open until they got to the concert.  When they got there the usher began walking them to the front.  Row 10 middle of the concert.  When they came home they were ecstatic, he also was ecstatic from their happiness.  Roughly the same cost and 2 completely different outcomes.  Be that person.



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