Wunderlist Reminders Time Reset Solved

wunderlistMy Wunderlist Story

I am a huge fan of Wunderlist the checklist app that reminds you to get things done.  First of all, I like to put everything in there that I have to get done sort of following the David Allen Get Things Done model.  If you have a repository for everything that needs to get done then you can move it, schedule it and ultimately finish it.

One constant problem I had was with my daily tasks.  I have them set to repeat everyday but some days when I don’t complete the task the next day I have to go in and set them to be due today.  Forget about the fact I didn’t get it done yesterday.

My Wunderlist Problem

Well, that became a huge problem some mornings.  Like let’s say Sunday I didn’t do anything that I have only my repeat every day list.  On Monday morning I’d have to spend an hour changing the due date to today and then resetting my reminders.  The problem is if you adjust the due date on the task the reminder time resets to the current time.  I hated that.  Just as I was getting ready to email Wunderlist and ask them to put a feature in to leave the reminder time the same I found the solution.

Here’s what you do.  Instead of editing the due date first.  Go into the task and click on the right hand side on the Remind me at XX Time.   When the calendar pops up, simply click today’s date instead of your original due date.  Click save.  Then click the Due Date, click today’s date again and there you have it.  Wunderlist will remind you at your reminder time without you having to reset it every time and you have moved the due date to today.  It literally saves hours.

Now you can use Wunderlist to remind you of those things you want to get done daily.   By the way they still need an every weekday repeat option!

Want some of my daily things?

  1. Take Vitamins (reminds everyday at 6 am)
  2. Make my weight loss shake
  3. Fill my 64 oz Water Bottle – my trick on how to drink more water (reminds me at 9 am)
  4. Do my self journal (reminds me at 9 am)
  5. Set up my Time and Distraction log (reminds me at 9 am)
  6. Do meditation (reminds me at 9 am)
  7. Do 25 Kettle bell swings (the primary exercise recommended my Tim Ferriss) – reminder at 11 am
  8. Check an empty my email (reminds me at 11 am)
  9. Make my 2nd weight loss shake (reminds me at noon)
  10. Read for 20 minutes (reminds me at 3 pm)
  11. 25 more Kettlebell swings (reminds me at 3 pm)
  12. Ensure 64 oz water have been drank (reminds me at 4 pm)
  13. Check email again (reminds me at 4 pm)
  14. Journal my past 24 hours (reminds me at 4:30 pm)
  15. Clean off desk and restart my PC at work (because you need an organized space to work) – reminds me at 4:30 pm
  16. Read my forums (reminds me at 5:05 pm)
  17. Complete my idonethis log. (reminds me at 5:05 pm)
  18. Update my food tracker (reminds me at 9:00 pm)



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